Bill Paying Services

- receive monthly bills - prepare computer printed checks - mail payments timely - reconcile bank statements - track tax deductible items - prepare itemized monthly summary of expenses - budget/plan for non-monthly items Originally, this service was designed for those over 55 that were having a hard time paying all of their bills on time due to various circumstances. Maybe they had Alzheimer’s and lost their bills, or they were recently widowed and their spouse had always taken care of their finances, or they were in a nursing home and had no family close enough to handle their local finances. Who uses this service now? Young professionals busy with their careers and children who would rather spend time with their family and pay someone to make sure all their bills are paid on time, so as to keep their good credit… retired individuals, not necessarily elderly, who would rather work on their golf game than their monthly budget… Business people who travel and may not be in town when the utility bills are due and risk reconnection fees... Small business owners who cannot yet afford to hire a secretary to handle these duties but cannot afford to be away from the job site.