Bookkeeping Services

- computerized general ledger - bank statement reconciliation - monthly financial statements - sales tax reports - 1099 preparation - invoicing - loan document presentation - business plan creation - annual budgets/forecasts - business property tax listings - contractor license renewals - new business consulting - QuickBooks consulting and classes We assist businesses from set up to closure working hand in hand with clients to assure that records are maintained at an “auditable” level. Our client base ranges from small sole-proprietors and partnerships with sales in the thousands to large corporations with sales in the millions. We try to keep the number of business clients at a certain level to insure that we can provide each with the personal attention that they deserve. We know it’s hard for clients to handle varying accounting rates each month, especially in the beginning when money is tight, so we set a monthly billing rate so that our clients know how much their bill will be each month. We schedule small business seminars for our bookkeeping clients on such topics as retirement planning for small businesses, insurance requirements, and how to market your company.